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Marketers work hard to get their message across, but often work blind – communicating without a clear perception of how they are being seen. Basil Harris, Jr. wrote “Marketer, Know Thyself: The Power of Periodic Self-Evaluation” in DMA’s DLB magazine. Harris demonstrates means to bridge the “disconnect” between a marketer’s expectations and the actual perception by their audience of consumers.

Investigate the consumer’s marketing expectations – research “how do I look to you?” Gather customer requirements and define opportunities.

Validate “am I understanding you right?” Poll your sources with what you learned from your investigation to make sure you “got it.”

Calibrate compare the consumer’s perceptions and the marketer’s intent to make sure you share priorities and understanding. Adjust the message accordingly.

Educate bridge the gap with explanations that speak to the consumer’s perception.

Negotiatewith a clear understanding of the consumer’s perception and assurance that you have communicated clearly, the marketer has to step up.

Harris says, “For its part, marketing must demonstrate qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, credibility, and strength of vision to be a successful player on the corporate stage. Turning knowledge into hard results is where the real power lies.”

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