SAMMinistries Give Campaign

SAMMinistries Give Campaign

a direct call-to-action makes it easier to overcome homelessness

Founded in 1983 by four downtown churches confronted with a mounting population of transient homeless, SAMMinistries faced a disconnect between prevailing public perception and their current mission and challenges. They called upon esd to correct their image and communicate an appeal for support.

public misperception

SAMMinistries has been known in San Antonio for its men’s shelter. However, there’s a lot more to homelessness than addicts and a lot more to SAMMinistries than its emergency services. Economic circumstances can change in an instant and put a family on the streets (up to 25 percent of homeless individuals are children) – SAMMinistries has shelter, transitional housing and low-cost housing programs.

To add to the confusion, SAMMinistries followed a city-led initiative and moved its emergency center to a shared campus. Each agency on the campus is still responsible for their own fund-raising, and the increased capacity also increased SAMMinistries’ responsibilities. The organization needed strong, independent branding and significant fund-raising support.

fresh branding clarifies mission and leadership

To communicate their comprehensive role, esd changed SAMMinistries tagline from “Offering Hope to the Homeless” to “Overcoming Homelessness.” The subtle change expands the mission from overnight shelter to policy leadership. The campaign also uses children as the face of homelessness, emphasizing SAMMinistries’ role in helping families transition to economic and social stability.

a direct call to action

As esd applied a fresh brandmark to SAMMinistries’ identity package and mounted an aggressive campaign, we implemented a direct call-to-action: text donation. Moved by the message, a viewer can act immediately by texting SAMM to 50555. The action donates $10 to SAMMinistries, added to the donor’s phone bill.

inspiring change

esd is committed to educate, support and inspire change in our community. As we help SAMMinistries mount a comprehensive, fresh communications campaign, esd understands that we’re doing more than serving the client, we’re helping people realize positive change in their lives, we’re helping our city take care of its own.

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