Shiner beer’s website reinforces its reputation

Shiner Beer has migrated north to at least 37 of the 50 United States, but it’s born a Texas beer and it carries a Texas twang everywhere it goes. “Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner,” the tagline says, and the website designed and developed by esd bears the truth of that tagline in every frame.

historic Texas town on the World Wide Web

Set against a backdrop of corrugated tin, the Shiner website carries the small Texas town environment through the website. Content ranges from specifications for all of Shiner’s brews (in addition to its famous Shiner Bock, the circa 1909 Spoetzl Brewery produces several other brews, ranging from the dark Black Lager to Shiner Blonde, a full flavored “light” beer) to a town history and profiles of legendary brewmasters.

invite involvement

The key feature in the website is the My Shiner section, which encourages Shiner fan participation. Launched before there was a Facebook, My Shiner offers a social media community where fans could share stories, photos and videos. As Facebook, Twitter and YouTube came into being, links to Shiner pages on those channels have been added. This year, the section gave birth to Bock Love, a special website specifically for Shiner Bock fans.

goin’ mobile

esd produced another key development in 2010 – the Shiner mobile site. With the desktop version in Flash and mobile devices (most do not run Flash) growing at a rate of 110% a year, a mobile site is very important to Shiner and its parent, The Gambrinus Company. In addition to resizing display for the handheld screen, mobile sites reorganize content, emphasizing the features most useful to users on the road. For Shiner, this includes making the social media features immediately accessible. Shiner fans can share their experiences with the Shiner community immediately, posting photos from their phones.

keep on keepin’ on

Websites are not set in stone – they are active communications channels, demanding a constant exchange of the latest news. Collaborating with our client-partners, esd maintains with regular updates and improved content. Visit, and enjoy.

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