rebranding San Antonio Shrine Auditorium


Already established as Alzafar Shriners’ public relations firm, esd and associates extended our partnership with the fraternal organization to rebrand, promote and co-manage the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium.

a direct commitment to marketing the product

The project reflects a new level of involvement for a communications firm. esd has assumed responsibility for increasing the facility’s bookings. We are not only developing new branding and advertising campaigns for the venue, we are representing and directly renting event space.

fresh energy for an honored space

Formerly known as the Alzafar Shrine, the building has been used by the Alzafar Shriners as their ceremonial and operational headquarters for almost 20 years. They have also leased the space, most notably for two high school proms each year and a monthly gun show, but Shriner leadership considered the space underutilized.

esd brings a fresh energy to the marketing effort. With the Los Angeles Shriner Auditorium (home of the Emmys and Oscars) as a model, we renamed the space, created a new logo and put the new identity on a 60-ft. sign featuring a 22 x 11 ft. digital billboard overlooking Loop 1604.

utilities to facilitate marketing

esd also created a website that includes a non-public calendar to manage rentals. Previously, auditorium management used a hand-written desk pad to track rentals and availability. An esd facilities management representative responds to inquiries about the Auditorium, guides tours and books events.

launching the new brand

With fresh materials and marketing underway, esd re-introduced the facility to the event planning industry on Sept. 28. Responding to targeted invitations, more than 200 planners, caterers and other professionals attended an afternoon of delicious food, drinks and entertainment. The building was dressed in beautiful decorations, with different applications in each of the main rooms (a banquet in the Auditorium, business conference setup in the Terrace Room and an urban reception setting in the Parlor).

all for good cause

esd’s involvement with the auditorium reflects our commitment to beneficial change in the community. Proceeds from auditorium rentals contribute to Alzafar Shriner philanthropies. The Alzafar Shriners have a specific charitable focus: the Shriner Hospitals for Children. Our work will help the Shriners help kids.

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