SA Business Journal spotlights esd SAMMinistries campaign

Philanthropy is just a click away, as esd & associates has harnessed the power of smart phones into a new revenue stream for client SAMMinistries.

Haven for Hope, the city’s nonprofit dedicated to overcoming homelessness in the community, provides SAMM with a great facility. However, SAMMinistries is responsible for its own staffing, custodial services, utilities and other expenses.

“Using your phone to text a donation is so simple and efficient,” says Erik Simpson, esd & associates creative director. “In just seconds you can improve the lives of many people and in this case help SAMMinistries provide families and individuals the services they need to re-gain self-sufficiency.”

call to act

The esd campaign featured a strong visual with a direct call to action. It has become a meaningful supplement to SAMMinistries’ ongoing sustenance campaign.

The digital creative agency worked with SAMMinistries, rebranding its logo and tag line and implementing a fundraising campaign. Billboards, transit posters, radio PSAs and half page ads, donated by AT&T, began appearing around San Antonio in October with the message: “You can help Overcome Homelessness: Donate $10 — Text SAMM to 50555.”

expanding capacity, more responsibility

The interfaith ministry moved into larger facilities on San Antonio’s new Haven for Hope campus this year, expanding its capacity — and its responsibilities and need for funds.

Navarra Williams, SAMM’s president & CEO, credits esd & associates for leading a successful marketing and public relations campaign.

“In addition to helping rebrand SAMMinistries, esd developed a successful campaign for us based on a $250,000 matching gift,” says Williams. “Matching campaigns are only successful if the funds come in to realize the full match. Through esd’s efforts, we developed new revenue opportunities and brought in more than double our original goal.”

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