a recipe for viral activity

It’s no secret that viral videos are a great way to get your brand out there. When a viral story or video hits the web the ripples become waves faster than you can say, “I’m on a boat.”  If your business is getting ready to attempt its own viral movement there are a couple of key ingredients you should include in your recipe for viral success.

a dash of purpose, a cup of relatability

Your viral campaign must entertain, amaze, touch, captivate and resonate. People will only share content that they themselves find value in. There are two key types of viral campaigns: those that deliver entertainment and those that deliver useful information. No matter your brand, both types of campaigns can work for you. Just remember the basics:

  1. Make a statement – Meek campaigns rarely make history.
  2. Have a focal point – Do you know where you’re coming from? If not, how will your customers?
  3. Offer an incentive – The incentive doesn’t necessarily need to be of material or monetary value, but answer a common customer question, address an issue or entertain them in a way that they enjoy and to which they can relate.
  4. Surprise your viewers – Surprises make a bigger impression than the typically expected marketing message.

getting the perfect mixture

Once you’ve proudly created your organization’s viral product, share it with your potential audiences. Focus your own organization’s primary shares on popular share blogger sites, like Reddit. Hopefully, you’ve remained true, not only to the key viral ingredients, but to your brand as well. If so, it shouldn’t be long before the Likes, Comments, and most importantly, Shares start rolling in, amplifying your brand quickly and inexpensively beyond your wildest brand visibility dreams. 

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