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esd and associates, San Antonio's leading digital creative agency, provides a full spectrum of web design, graphic design, advertising and public relations services, including print and video production, Internet advertising, mobile web development, search engine optimization (seo), social media, social marketing, corporate presentation, branding and employee communications.




esd & associates is a full-service advertising agency. We partner with our clients to develop effective strategic campaigns that sell products, raise awareness and shape public perception. Operating from a digital platform, esd is able to produce full campaigns with in-house capabilities, delivering a full suite of advertising capabilities that deliver results:

  • strategic market planning
  • brand marketing strategies
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • market research
  • Hispanic marketing
  • brand standards
  • television, print, billboard and Internet advertising campaigns
  • online marketing
  • translation
  • direct mail
  • media strategy
  • b2b - business to business
  • training
  • employee communications & motivation
advertising: Air life Angel
advertising: San Antonio Shrine Auditorium
advertising: Community First Market Positioning
advertising: OwnUp San Antonio
advertising: SAMMistries Give Campaign
advertising: Talk It Up
advertising: Thank you San Antonio
advertising: Wellmed Brand Standard



Creativity in advertising and communications increases brand recognition by reaching audiences with images and ideas that appeal directly to their immediate needs. Our talented creative team spans a full palette of skills in writing, design, multimedia and production. We tell your story with clear language and compelling imagery. You get results.

  • brand identity, corporate design standards and logos
  • video, voiceover and music
  • large format/trade show display
  • social media design for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels
  • web banner ads
  • website design
  • graphic design
  • brochure, menu, flyer, ad, print collateral design
  • digital and traditional billboard design
  • social media campaigns
  • corporate presentation design
  • HD video presentations
Design: Bienestar/NEEM Progrm
advertising: !Por Vida!

Public Relations

public relations

When you have news to share, esd can create a buzz and capture excitement. We know how to shape and pitch your message, to make news ring throughout the market. We invigorate your social media with scintillating conversation and expand your fan base. We connect you with every channel that reaches your audience. Your brand flows across the information stream. You get results.

  • news media pitches
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog and website strategies
  • public outreach
  • crisis communications
  • event planning, promotion and management
  • social media campaigns
  • government relations
  • public affairs
  • speech and public presence coaching
  • press conferences
  • environmental community relations
  • cause advocacy and marketing
  • media relations
  • HD video releases
Public Relations: Fit Family Challenge
advertising: Ride With a Mission

Web Design

web design/online marketing

Interactive communication – the web – has become the primary channel for reaching your consumers. As San Antonio’s leading digital communications firm, esd & associates is at the forefront of developing interactive tools that deliver your message and make it easy to buy your products and services. esd produces intuitive, intelligent applications that give you a prominent presence on the desktops, notepads and smartphones surfing the world wide web. You get results.

  • mobile site design
  • web design and development
  • search engine optimization (seo)
  • search engine marketing
  • smartphone applications (apps)
  • Google Analytics/web traffic generation
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • custom programming
  • ecommerce
Web Design: Shiner Beers
Web Design: San Antonio Neighborhood Tours
Web Design: San Antonio Board of Realtors
Web Design: Trumer Pils
Web Design: Southwest School of Arts and Craft

how to #hashtag

how to do it & why you should care

Almost since the new millennium hit, social media’s been all the rage. One of the channels with the most Klout is (no surprise) Twitter.

Once you’ve become active on Twitter, you’ve chosen to expose yourself to millions. Your posts becomes searchable and your content, more discoverable. For businesses like yours, this HOPEFULLY is a big plus.

But what can you do to optimize your content?

With a user count in the millions, it’s doubtful your daily tweets will consistently rank top priority to Twitter servers and searchers. However, catching onto current trends or creating your own, all via hashtags could make all the difference for your marketing.

a new day, a new topic

The term “15 minutes of fame” exists for a reason. Every hour, every day, every week, every month there will be some new topic, story or character catching your target audience’s main attention. To stay on their minds, you’ve got to stay on topic – or at least create your own that’s so provocative and enticing that they cannot stray away to competitor conversation streams. Using hashtags or a hashtag campaign is a great way to do this. Get to know the who, what, when, where, why and how of hashtags and you’re only an action step away from the forefront of your customers’ consciousness.

the re-emergence of the 5 “w”s and that one “h”

Any great marketer worth their salt knows the five “w”s and one “h” of journalism: who, what, when, where, why and how.

To be effective on Twitter, you’ve got to understand how each applies to your business and the end marketing results you are hoping to achieve:

  • Who? – Your company, or someone that understands your brand very well, needs to be on Twitter constantly keeping abreast of trends and predicting ones to come. Stay on top of conversation and know how or if that conversation is relevant to your brand. With a strong core foundation of knowledge your Twitter monitor can direct you toward the right time to tweet the right hashtags and at whom.
  • What? – What is a hashtag? Only a phrase, with no spaces in between and with a “#” sign in front. For example, #esdresults or #writing. What should you tweet about? Those topics that contribute to the construction of your overall brand culture. Look for what’s trending and catch onto the conversation. Either that or create your own trend movement through an integrated marketing effort structured to drive customer potentials through your Twitter funnel, straight to your brand’s website or other action path.
  • When? – Whenever you can is the answer to this question. Twitter conversation is ongoing. Tweets refresh themselves multiple times a day and new personalities and businesses enter and reenter the conversation
  • Where? – On Twitter. Of course.
  • Why? – Millions are already tweeting. Many look to the social media network for deals, world news or great ideas. Why should you miss out on what so many already know? Twitter gets leads to look at your brand and gains visibility for your brand name and services.
  • How? – Research what trends within your target market. What trends with who you want to reach? Informative articles? Humor? Photographs? Figure out what message will resonate with your audience and deliver it in a way they will connect with, enjoy and retweet without reluctance.

get the concept and get results

Once you understand how to use, monitor and interact on Twitter you can get the best results from it for YOUR business. Study the network carefully and ensure you can fully answer the basic questions of your brand’s social media personality. Only then can you get the followers you want, the followers you need and the individuals who will further your brand from this moment on and into the future.

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