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Through your business, you interact with several people a day, from vendors pitching their services, to peers at networking events, to employees at meetings. Every workweek teems with dozens of interactions, email pitches and phone calls, some memorable and some not. However, just as live sales pitches and collateral bombard you daily in person, online service and product providers incessantly attempt to prey on your customers’ business.

In this dog-eat-dog war of industry competitors, your best chance for success is to effectively connect with prospects and current customers through a combination of real life outreach, traditional avenues of advertising and newer Internet-based interaction strategies. Think pragmatically about your whole business’ marketing endeavors and devise an integrated solution that utilizes the best of face-to-face, traditional and interactive marketing.

get personal

In-person outreach can be a useful tool for your organization or business. This may seem obvious at first, but in the busy hum of an active business, it’s easy for this to get lost in the shuffle. Think about the many opportunities you have to reign in or drive prospects:

  • Schedule in-person meetings with clients to stay on task and anticipate or suggest future business solutions.
  • Take part in relevant tradeshows that get your name out to focused, interested groups of customers.
  • Touch base often with steady clients, ensuring that the customer service they received at the beginning of their work with you continues throughout the relationship.

Staying on task with personal relationships in business will help keep current clients happy and spur on positive word of mouth that can drive future business relationships.

respect trusted ad conventions

Certain types of advertising work for certain types of products, services and target audiences. In order to best devise the mix that will work for you, you must first understand your audience, their media preferences and how your product or service relates to them in their life.

Would your audience benefit from receiving a creative and eye-catching direct mail piece? Would they be interested in a coupon or would an in-store display be more impactful to their purchasing decision? Or perhaps they would be inspired after seeing your product alongside a great PR article in a magazine?

Maintaining a proactive advertising presence can go a long way to keep your company’s name top of mind. Sure, there is a lot of noise in the media, but this is all the more reason for you to develop strong traditional ad pieces that stand out and are informative, memorable and action-provoking.

keep on top of interactive

As we’ve said before, it’s an interactive jungle out there. Your competitors are constantly jostling to discover the most cost effective and creative way to win brand loyalty from consumers and come out on top. Stay present and stay active. Interweave your interactive channels’ contents with your traditional and face-to-face efforts for a thoroughly united brand face.

Add to this, well-researched and keyword dense online pay-per-click ads , and you have the ultimate recipe for visibility success.

staying present pays off

Consistent branding with a relevant voice builds trust with consumers and, if you hope to win customers’ minds, hearts and dividends, trust is key, and presence is necessary. Stay fully focused and fully connected and you’ll find that, when clients seek out your type of services, they’ll think of your brand first.

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