what’s in a name?

Hopefully by now, you know that vanity URLs exist on Facebook. However, the crowded social network won’t just automatically assign your business page its own vanity URL upon page creation. You need to ask for this special marketer privilege.

Although many businesses are now on Facebook, we’ve noticed lately that not all of them have opted to create their own Facebook vanity identity. This is an important step to take as far as your social media marketing is concerned. But, why does a vanity URL matter? Why should you take the time to ensure that your page has one?

You’re business is not the only one on Facebook, and by now other organizations may have come along with names not entirely dissimilar to yours. Implementing a vanity URL can increase the number of fans discovering, visiting and Liking your page and reduce the chances of your social media real estate being mistaken for someone else’s. Think about it: www.facebook.com/esdandassociates is way easier to remember, type, find and recognize than www.facebook.com/2349##-puthlinw485754945o isn’t it?

It may seem small, but in a world where social media real estate becomes scarcer by the second, every proactive marketing tactic helps you get and stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. Don’t risk losing this edge to forward thinking competitors.

build your vanity

Take these simple steps and enhance your ability to stand out on Facebook by using a vanity URL:

  1. Create a vanity URL for your own personal account.
  2. Identify the user name you want.
  3. Check to make sure your name meets all of Facebook’s vanity page URL requirements.

waste not, want not

Implement your vanity Facebook URL as soon as you launch your fledgling page. This way you won’t have to wait to tie this aspect of your brand identity into the rest of your brand’s collateral.

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