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These days, more customers than not turn to the Internet in their first attempts to contact product vendors or customer service providers. Ask yourself this: when customers Google your business’ top services, will your company’s name appear on page one, page ten or, even worse, not at all?

all about AdWords

Now regarded as the gold standard for online marketer ability, Google AdWords certification delivers the following benefits to qualifying agencies:

  • Up-to-date search marketing and AdWord functionality training tools and online education seminars
  • Optimized best practices certification opportunities
  • Advanced-competency evaluations
  • An official Certified Partner badge from which prospects may verify the organization’s status as a Certified AdWord Partner

why bother with certification?

While there are few barriers governing who can and who cannot become a Google AdWord Certified Partner, few organizations are willing to expend the hours and energy working toward full certification. Surprisingly, San Antonio, one of the largest cities in the nation, boasts only four Google AdWords Certified Partners.

Google demands a lot from their certified partners. The certification tests aren’t easy, but a passing grade indicates a truly rich understanding of AdWords functionality and the most effective way to market brands online.

Google’s techniques for rating and ranking effective pay-per-click ads change constantly. Working with an AdWords Certified Partner will ensure that your organization:

  • Has the most accurate and up-to-date pay-per-click campaign information, at all times
  • Will be able to learn and implement new pay-per-click tactics before your competition
  • Consistently gains valuable insight into current online marketing trends and how they can benefit your organization’s ongoing interactive marketing

In the end, this equates to money saved and budgets preserved by effective customer/prospect targeting. Your organization’s online marketing ROI will increase, delivering more conversions and more sales for your budget. Finally, using interactive marketing, you have the ability to DIRECTLY track the effectiveness of each marketing dollar spent and each ad produced.

Use AdWords-approved strategies and techniques or secure the guidance of an AdWords Certified Partner to structure your online advertisements correctly and use the technology effectively. Google won’t hesitate to reward your business’ initiative with more visibility, stronger conversions and a healthier, overall marketing ROI.

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Hard to believe our city is turning 300. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! We’ll have some exciting news for you as 2018 approaches about our involvement in this year-long celebration stay tuned!

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