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If you’re reading this, you’re online. If you’re online, chances are that you’re a member of at least one social media community. In the U.S., in 2011, the average social media user has identities on 2.1 different social network platforms. Customers are on social media to connect to each other, but smart businesses are on there too, making it their business to connect to you. But, not all businesses have mastered the art of social media savvy. However, one San Antonio digital creative agency, esd and associates, plans to change that and help businesses achieve the possible and become social, digital customer conversation magnets.

“At esd we merge traditional advertising and interactive technology to saturate the market and reach customers,” explained esd CEO Christine Kleha. “We merge both tech and creative to increase our clients’ brand outreach. It’s not about using just one or the other. It’s about using the right strategies, the right way, with each medium, in the right capacity.”

esd and associates has recently secured a spot in the top 8 of the San Antonio Business Journal Social Madness Contest, effectively demonstrating their position as one of the city’s business minded social media leaders. The contest rewards the final winner with both recognition as the number one social media guru around and with a $10,000 check presented to the charity of their choice. esd hopes to win and present their prize to client-partner Morgan’s Wonderland, the World’s First Fully Accessible Family Fun Park.

“Morgan’s Wonderland is an incredibly worthy cause, and what’s more, they understand the value of great social media strategy,” said Kleha. “They already had a great following before we came on board, but now we’re working with them to create research backed strategies that will keep their Likes and followers growing and keep their brand at top of mind awareness. They rely on donations to operate and we plan to make social media a huge part of getting those donations, getting their name known and seen to keep the park running for families and children of all abilities.”

esd’s current work with Morgan’s Wonderland is one of many large social media projects they’ve undertaken to build the footprint of San Antonio businesses and non-profits this year.

The San Antonio Sports Fit Family Challenge is a project we’ve guided from the idea stage to success during the past three years,” said esd and associates Director of Public Relations, Gina Galaviz. “This year, we’ve more than doubled its social media network following and we’re actively using it to stay connected to our customer base and share in their program successes. We’ve built an entire online platform to complement the program’s great fitness events, t-shirts, ads and prizes.”

Although not all businesses have a social media presence, not all of those who do use it right, according to esd’s Kleha.

“It’s not enough to just have some intern posting your event notifications. Great social media takes concentrated outreach, creative content, constant vigilance and a great deal of communications knowledge. Most of the businesses out there who have social media presences aren’t investing the time, man and brainpower to get the job done right and get lasting results.”

The contest has been competitive, and the businesses still left have proven their merit by a combination of outreach, creativity and their own social media fan power. Join the fanfare and vote for the business you believe deserves the title the most.

The Social Madness Contest consists of two phases, local and national. The local phase is divided up into three rounds, while the national level runs for six. Currently, contestants are competing in phase one, round two of voting. This round remains open until midnight on Monday, June 25, with the next round commencing the following day. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 11.

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