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Websites, even the most visual, require words.


Non-readers beware: as much as you may skim from subtitle to subtitle and jump from image to image, search engines do not. They crawl quickly, but efficiently, through each and every website they index spotting and ranking the site content based on items like top keywords and key phrases. SEO or Search Engine Marketing is alive and well – so, to make your website its most visible, design your content for both human eyes and the search engines.

3 strategies to get the best returns on your site’s copy content

Not every business strategist or graphics expert understands the best way to leverage content. However, when it comes to web development, high-ranking keywords and the tone of your content should be two of your top priorities. Thankfully, there are a few key strategies you can employ when creating your website to ensure that your site impresses both search engines and web visitors.

  1. Think outside your box. No doubt you know a lot about your company. You understand and use all the tech language and business lingo. You know exactly how your brand has gotten from point A to point B. Your customers, however, don’t. Take a step back. Look at your brand from an outsider’s perspective and make sure that when a web visitor comes to your site, you deliver the answers to even the most basic key questions in a way that’s unencumbered by unnecessarily technical or irrelevant language or content. What may seem readily apparent to you, may be unheard of to customers. Oftentimes, this can be the information that makes or breaks a sale.
  2. Use words aesthetically. Text doesn’t have to mar the look of a highly visual website. Integrate your text content as part of your overall website’s look, right from the get-go. Even Pinterest incorporates words into their attractive user interface. Just as with search engines, the image descriptors, comments, and hashtags help users optimize content for searchability and organize it for sorting. Take your cues from Pinterest and bravely work words into your site’s look.
  3. Word choice is key. What keyword would the average user enter to pull up your company’s website? Would they type in “Awarded Financial Experts” or “Get Help From Financial Advisors”? Fit your keywords and content, not just to how you “sell” your products and services, but to how your prospects actually search for them. Research your keywords and make sure to use the right ones. If you miss the boat on keywords, prospects will miss your site altogether.

the realities of ranking

Simply put, the point is this: no words or the wrong words mean no key words which means no SEO which means no traffic. It’s a harsh reality, especially for organizations or individuals who rely more heavily upon their visuals than their descriptors or have overly technical ways of communicating day-to-day, but fear not. Close studying of content marketing will help you structure your textual information flow so that it contributes to your visual content without weighing it down and so that it attracts your prospects as it informs them.

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