EndoMune’s Hoberman featured in National Practitioner cover story on digestive issues

EndoMune's Hoberman featured in National Practitioner cover story on digestive issuesEndoMune Advanced Probiotic creator Dr. Lawrence Hoberman was recently interviewed by National Practitioner for its recent March/April 2014 cover story on “Restoring Balance, Offering Relief for Digestive Issues.”

Dr. Hoberman was one of several health professionals interviewed by National Practitioner who discussed how digestive disorders affect a growing number of patients of all ages, how gut health touches all kinds of health problems and how treatments like probiotics can treat them safely and more effectively than a pharmaceutical drug.

“The most important dietary supplement is a probiotic. I discuss with patients the proven studies about probiotics lessening IBS symptoms. I also reference the most recent studies in my blog posts. Controlled trials using probiotics in patients with IBS have shown statistic benefit, [as well as that] probiotics are safe and without any serious side effects.”

Unfortunately, few patients seek help with gut health issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), says Dr. Hoberman. “Only 15 percent of those affected actually seek medical attention. IBS accounts for 12 percent of primary care patients and 28 percent of gastroenterology practice patients.”

However, Dr. Hoberman has noticed a disturbing increase in the number of patients with digestive health problems related to the level of stress in their environment. “For example, when the economy is worse, more people will developed GI symptoms.”

The primary culprit of many gut health issues, Dr. Hoberman says, is a commone one. “Diet is a major factor. Some individuals have problems with lactose or fructose intolerance and some are sensitive to gluten, while eating fatty foods in general can contribute to indigestion and heartburn.”

Dr. Hoberman has spent more than 40 years practicing medicine and is board certified in both Internal Medicine (1972) and Gastroenterology (1975). His passion to help people enjoy good health throughout their lifetimes led Dr. Hoberman to develop his own probiotic supplement, EndoMune Advanced Probiotic, eight years ago.

Dr. Hoberman currently sees patients as a part of San Antonio-based Health by Design, a health and wellness practice that stresses preventative medicine.

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