EndoMune founder speaks at Expo about gluten’s role in ‘leaky gut’

San Antonio - Dr. Lawrence Hoberman, founder of EndoMune Advanced Probiotic, was recently a featured speaker at the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo in Dallas.


He spoke about the link between ‘leaky gut’ and celiac disease, as well as gluten-intoleranace and other conditions that affect a growing percentage of the population. Among the attendees was writer Courtney Kitch Stultz, who blogs about nutrition at lphjkitchen.com. Check out Courtney’s review of the product here after she had a chance to hear Hoberman speak then try EndoMune Advanced Probiotic for herself.

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Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are real concerns at a time when the public is growing skeptical of the Gluten Free branding occurring all too often in consumer product marketing. Hoberman put this conversation into context and explains the fascinating science behind our gut health.


“It’s not just about avoidance when it comes to a gluten-free diet or any allergy-based nutrition program,” said Hoberman. “Being proactive to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut can block gluten and other proteins from leaking into the digestive tract and triggering autoimmune responses.”


Visit EndoMune.com to learn more about the causes of leaky gut, which makes the intestinal lining more permeable. Disbiosis – an imbalance of bad bacteria – can cause break down the tight junctions that connect cell walls in intestinal lining, creating leaky gut. That, in turn, enables gluten and other proteins to leak into the bloodstream to cause autoimmune reactions.


Dr. Hoberman recommends a probiotic supplement to provide a balance of good bacteria to maintain digestive health.


About EndoMune Advanced Probiotic

EndoMune Advanced Adult Probiotic and EndoMune Advanced Junior are the only two probiotics out there that have been developed by a board certified gastroenterologist. After much research, Dr. Hoberman, in collaboration with a Ph.D. level microbiologist, created these two proprietary blends of multi-strain, multi-species probiotic bacteria. Both of the EndoMune Advanced Adult Probiotic and EndoMune Advanced Junior strains of probiotic bacteria are safe and effective. A healthy intestinal balance of bacteria has a major effect on overall health. Each serving of EndoMune delivers a sufficient number of probiotic bacteria (10 billion in EndoMune Advanced Junior and 20 billion in EndoMune Advanced Adult Probiotic) to ensure improved intestinal digestion and immune system function. EndoMune Advanced Probiotic for adults is non-dairy, no artificial colorings, no preservatives, no sugar, gluten free, certified Kosher. EndoMune Advanced Junior carries the seal of approval of Parent Tested Parent Approved, North America’s largest, volunteer, parent testing community.

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