Why You Should Hire A Google Certified Marketer

By: Anna Riess

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and businesses are fighting to stay ahead of the competition. From mom and pop stores to major corporations, businesses are looking to be more accessible to their customer bases, and in many cases, that means they turn to digital marketing specialists.

My name is Anna, and I am a digital marketing specialist. I work every day to make sure businesses are easily accessible to the key demographics they want to target. I am certified in Google AdWords, so I track what clients’ customers are searching for, and then use those words to target and bring them to the correct sites. While getting more customers to buy products may seem like a win in itself. That’s just the beginning.  Not only will we use AdWords to sell to your customers, but we can retarget them from AdWords, which leads to more purchases and even referrals that will help increase business in the future.

Some business owners wonder, “Couldn’t I just run my AdWords campaign myself? Why should I hire a certified specialist?” One reason is because while Google itself is easy to use, AdWords is a complex operating system that takes time to learn – time that many business owners would rather put to use running their businesses. Also, if a campaign is not run accurately, a business could wind up spending thousands of dollars on results that are not beneficial.

Also, many people believe they can set up a campaign and just let it run – this is not true. With advertising and marketing trends constantly changing, businesses need to have a dynamic presence on AdWords if they want to compete. This means campaigns need to be monitored to avoid stagnating and an eventual slowdown in business.

For businesses unfamiliar with the digital marketing world, hiring an agency or freelancer can be a daunting process. Many companies will start throwing around words like “presence” and “conversions” – but what do those words mean? A Google certified specialist should be able to not just explain them, but also show how conversions through AdWords will be able to help the business’ bottom line. If a company cannot demonstrate conversions, or if those conversions do not lead to the appropriate metrics, they are not spending their ad dollars effectively. That is why it is so important to have a certified specialist who can demonstrate where customers are coming from and how the campaign will ultimately result in increased business for the company.

There’s more to being a digital marketing specialist than just AdWords. Digital marketing specialists like myself are well versed in studying digital trends and maximizing campaigns across platforms, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or AdWords. Our agency works constantly to stay on trend and focus on creating campaigns tailored to achieving specific results. That way, no matter what the platform, we have the skills to help businesses stay on trend and move the needle in the right direction.

About the author:

Anna Riess is a digital marketing specialist with esd and associates. When she’s not analyzing AdWords campaigns or writing blogs, you can find her walking around San Antonio with her dog, Goose.

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