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esd Blog 11_21 Is Cyber Monday the new Black Friday

What was known as the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is now a thing of the past. There is a new shopping trend on high alert and many consumers are now turning to online shopping for the hottest deals. According to CNET, “In 2016, Cyber Monday sales hit $3.45 Billion, a new record and just ahead of Black Friday’s $3.34 Billion.”

Cyber Monday is in fact the new Black Friday!

Here are a few tactics online marketers use to encourage customers to shop from their beds:

Start Early - Review your sales numbers from the previous year for a year-over-year comparison. Chances are consumers have already researched the perfect gift and are just waiting for the right opportunity to purchase from your site. Set up retargeting ads and promote your Cyber Monday sales early so shoppers know exactly what to expect. Also, this will help cut out any competition because consumers will go where they know they are getting a good deal. If they know exactly what you’re promoting and are offered a nice incentive such as an upgrade on shipping, they are more likely to shop with you.

Mobile Friendly - It’s no surprise that devices are being used more than ever. Your ads should be mobile-friendly and your online site easy to view from all mobile devices. This might mean redesigning your website. If that’s the case, esd can help create a responsive website to ensure a positive shopping experience.Take advantage of a clear call to action, push notifications from apps, click-to-call, one click checkout, etc. Another fun way to drive sales is to run contests and promotions through in-app purchases, encouraging shoppers to interact with your brand.

Give them something they ALL want – Consider offering free shipping with no minimum purchase, an upgrade to next-day delivery or a coupon code for a future purchase. When promoting your online sales, ensure this offer is clear — you can’t expect for them to search specifically for your promotions. Among thousands of other companies, your campaign needs to stand out to lead to a successful conversion.

Most importantly, give your online shoppers a great experience. Great customer service goes a long way, even when it’s all online.

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