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esd and associates, San Antonio's leading digital creative agency, provides a full spectrum of web design, graphic design, advertising and public relations services, including print and video production, Internet advertising, mobile web development, search engine optimization (seo), social media, social marketing, corporate presentation, branding and employee communications.




esd & associates is a full-service advertising agency. We partner with our clients to develop effective strategic campaigns that sell products, raise awareness and shape public perception. Operating from a digital platform, esd is able to produce full campaigns with in-house capabilities, delivering a full suite of advertising capabilities that deliver results:

  • strategic market planning
  • brand marketing strategies
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • market research
  • Hispanic marketing
  • brand standards
  • television, print, billboard and Internet advertising campaigns
  • online marketing
  • translation
  • direct mail
  • media strategy
  • b2b - business to business
  • training
  • employee communications & motivation
advertising: Air life Angel
advertising: San Antonio Shrine Auditorium
advertising: Community First Market Positioning
advertising: OwnUp San Antonio
advertising: SAMMistries Give Campaign
advertising: Talk It Up
advertising: Thank you San Antonio
advertising: Wellmed Brand Standard



Creativity in advertising and communications increases brand recognition by reaching audiences with images and ideas that appeal directly to their immediate needs. Our talented creative team spans a full palette of skills in writing, design, multimedia and production. We tell your story with clear language and compelling imagery. You get results.

  • brand identity, corporate design standards and logos
  • video, voiceover and music
  • large format/trade show display
  • social media design for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels
  • web banner ads
  • website design
  • graphic design
  • brochure, menu, flyer, ad, print collateral design
  • digital and traditional billboard design
  • social media campaigns
  • corporate presentation design
  • HD video presentations
Design: Bienestar/NEEM Progrm
advertising: !Por Vida!

Public Relations

public relations

When you have news to share, esd can create a buzz and capture excitement. We know how to shape and pitch your message, to make news ring throughout the market. We invigorate your social media with scintillating conversation and expand your fan base. We connect you with every channel that reaches your audience. Your brand flows across the information stream. You get results.

  • news media pitches
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog and website strategies
  • public outreach
  • crisis communications
  • event planning, promotion and management
  • social media campaigns
  • government relations
  • public affairs
  • speech and public presence coaching
  • press conferences
  • environmental community relations
  • cause advocacy and marketing
  • media relations
  • HD video releases
Public Relations: Fit Family Challenge
advertising: Ride With a Mission

Web Design

web design/online marketing

Interactive communication – the web – has become the primary channel for reaching your consumers. As San Antonio’s leading digital communications firm, esd & associates is at the forefront of developing interactive tools that deliver your message and make it easy to buy your products and services. esd produces intuitive, intelligent applications that give you a prominent presence on the desktops, notepads and smartphones surfing the world wide web. You get results.

  • mobile site design
  • web design and development
  • search engine optimization (seo)
  • search engine marketing
  • smartphone applications (apps)
  • Google Analytics/web traffic generation
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • custom programming
  • ecommerce
Web Design: Shiner Beers
Web Design: San Antonio Neighborhood Tours
Web Design: San Antonio Board of Realtors
Web Design: Trumer Pils
Web Design: Southwest School of Arts and Craft
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person-to-person communications in the active forums of social media

esd connects you with your community of customers and partners

  • Social Media
  • Social Media Training
esd gets social media
The best form of advertising? Word of mouth. With social media, the word is carried at the speed of light, showing up in Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, in blogs, texts and emails. Your customers are talking about you - by engaging the conversation, you can harness this powerful development to support your business and advance your cause. esd helps you facilitate the conversation, spark new ideas, generate "viral" media and help you sustain an active presence in social media:
  • social media training
  • custom Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages
  • social media ad campaigns
  • social media event development
  • social media video
  • reputation tracking & analytics
esd gets the tricks of the trade
When the interaction goes from face-to-face to online, how do you come across? So much of business today happens online. We market online, shop online and communicate online. When managed correctly, an active social media presence will add significant value to your brand.

Social media marketing has opened up a whole new realm of low-cost, high return communications strategy options for companies of all sizes and disiplines. Whether you know a little about SEO or AdWords or just the basics of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, esd has the right tools and guidance to help you harvest real world results from virtual world initiatives.

esd’s social media experts will train you in the rules of engagement and the basics of social media. With our guidance, you will learn the difference between just posting and really interacting. You will master effective social network, blogging, online video and podcast communication strategy. You will learn how each social networking platform can be delivered to maximize your reach, customer service, visibility, profitability and customer satisfaction, and, with a little training, you will learn the advanced tools and tricks of the social media trade.

Practical, real world courses cover:
  • The rules of engagement
  • Posting etiquette
  • Why Keywords Matter - SEO Basics
  • All About AdWords
  • Facebook 101
  • The Laws of Link Building
  • Twitter Boot Camp
  • YouTube 101
  • Advanced social media tools
  • Online group strategy planning
  • Social media campaign development
  • Social media relationship management

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attracting attention with a feisty grandmother

University Health System


pointing the way to self-reliance

Metro Health Department, City of San Antonio


romancing burger love



conversations contribute to public health

UT Health Science Center at San Antonio and University Health System

Fit Family Challenge

getting families up for fitness

San Antonio Sports