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tweet fail

Social media may be new, but the pros learn fast – especially when they learn from mistakes. New social media networks, tools and strategies develop at breakneck speed in a seemingly endless stream of technology, interaction and innovation. It’s a

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Here are some tips on making to-do lists!
esd & associates 15h

“Productivity isn’t about being ambitious—it’s about being realistic”. Here are some tips on making to-do lists!
esdresults 09/26/16
Excited for @Snap's new Spectacles? Read more here!
esd & associates 09/26/16

Are you excited for Snap Inc's Spectacles? Feast your eyes on social media's next potential big thing!
esdresults 09/23/16
We just made @ExpertiseHQ’s top 20 list of best advertising agencies in San Antonio: