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tweet fail

Social media may be new, but the pros learn fast – especially when they learn from mistakes. New social media networks, tools and strategies develop at breakneck speed in a seemingly endless stream of technology, interaction and innovation. It’s a

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esd & associates 08/25/15

Forbes discusses an Adobe study about how addicted we all are to our inboxes. How often do you find yourself checking it?
esdresults 08/20/15
Congrats to our Chief Development Officer @PingJTsai on her citizenship!
esd & associates 08/20/15

Congratulations to our Chief Development Officer, Judy, on becoming a United States citizen today. We celebrated in the most American way possible: red, white, and blue and BBQ!
esd & associates 08/19/15

Our team attended the “Integrating Social Media Into Communications for Nonprofits” workshop with Beth Kanter and The Nonprofit Council. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and we will definitely read your book!