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tweet fail

Social media may be new, but the pros learn fast – especially when they learn from mistakes. New social media networks, tools and strategies develop at breakneck speed in a seemingly endless stream of technology, interaction and innovation. It’s a

following the flock

Twitter followers and followees are as unique as they come. Some tweet every time they eat and some only tweet when breaking news explodes; some tweet strictly in stream of consciousness mode, and some tweet strategically, attempting with every word,

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Social expert @RebekahRadice gives 6 steps to make sure your business blog is successfully promoting your company:
esdresults 07/02/15
@SAParksandRec is excited to introduce its new free Fit Pass App! Stay healthy & win prizes!
esd & associates 07/02/15

One of the most powerful ways to build your business' online presence is through your blog. Content marketing blogger Rebekah Radice gives six simple steps to ensure your business blog is successful.
esdresults 06/29/15
Target only the audience you need with #behaviortargeting features. Find out more and boost your #contentstrategy:
esd & associates 06/29/15

Be sure your digital ads are reaching the audiences you want. Behavioral targeting features are available, allowing you to only reach your specific audience. To learn more on the various targeting features available, see our latest blog post: