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tweet fail

Social media may be new, but the pros learn fast – especially when they learn from mistakes. New social media networks, tools and strategies develop at breakneck speed in a seemingly endless stream of technology, interaction and innovation. It’s a

following the flock

Twitter followers and followees are as unique as they come. Some tweet every time they eat and some only tweet when breaking news explodes; some tweet strictly in stream of consciousness mode, and some tweet strategically, attempting with every word,

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esd & associates 08/19/16

Happy #worldphotoday! Photography's evolution never ceases to fascinate us, and we're loving all the beauty and creativity we're seeing today. Here's a 360 shot our communication manager JT Street took recently during his trip to the Newseum. Don't look down!
esd & associates 08/11/16

It’s almost quittin’ time! Or is it? #agencylife #digitalmarketing #olympics2016 #Rio2016
esd & associates 08/10/16

One of the most frequent comments: "I bet there is a Pokémon up there...."
esdresults 08/08/16
Don’t hurt yourself playing #PokémonGo! Here are important safety tips from @GSEP_EM's Dr. Armstrong: