overcome homelessness with text message donation

esd&associates has helped SAMMinistries – leaders in San Antonio’s effort to overcome homelessness – discover a fund-raising campaign with a very direct call to action: text message donation (text SAMM to 50555 to give $10). esd has produced a comprehensive campaign – currently rolling out on radio, print, outdoor and social media – to reassert SAMMinistries’ position in the community and raise money to support their expanding responsibilities.

immediate response, wider donor base

Text message donation brings two significant benefits to fund-raising: it provides an immediate, affordable opportunity for donor response (simply) and it quickly broadens the organization’s traditional donor base. The immediate benefit for SAMMinistries is especially meaningful during September as the organization qualifies for matching funds in a Deborah & Rex Amini Challenge Grant.

A broad campaign of radio, outdoor and newspaper advertising will increase awareness across the community. When people see the ad and act on it with a text message donation, they convert awareness into active affinity with the organization.

growing into leadership with 27 years of stewardship

Founded by four downtown churches confronted with a mounting population of transient homeless, SAMMinistries has been known for its men’s shelter for 27 years. Over the years, they have become the authority on homelessness, adding a host of other services for individuals and families, from job training and life skills counseling to medical and psychological assistance. SAMMinistries has also forged a proactive approach to preventing homelessness, finding people, especially families, who are struggling and intervening before they lose their homes.

many organizations under one roof obscures independent status

SAMMinistries recently moved their emergency shelter to expanded facilities on the Haven for Hope campus. The move has confused some supporters into thinking that the two organizations – Haven for Hope and SAMMinistries – merged. While SAMMinistries occupies 45 percent of the space at Haven for Hope, it is a separate entity responsible for its operational expenses and conducting its own programs. In addition to SAMMinistries, seven other organizations share the Haven for Hope campus – each organization is responsible for maintaining its own budget.

fresh branding clarifies mission and leadership

To grow its support base and retain its independence, SAMMinistries needs to reassert an independent identity and establish solid branding. Faced with that challenge, SAMMinistries asked esd to help amplify their brand.

To communicate their comprehensive role, esd changed SAMMinistries tagline from “Offering Hope to the Homeless” to “Overcoming Homelessness.” The change is subtle, but it expands the mission from overnight shelter to policy leadership. The campaign also uses children as the face of the campaign, emphasizing SAMMinistries’ role in helping families transition to economic and social stability.

esd has applied a fresh brandmark to SAMMinistries’ identity package and it will grace an aggressive outdoor campaign. Our team also crafted radio PSAs, print ads, transit shelter signs and other media to expand SAMMinistries’ outreach and encourage increased giving. With the extra energy from text message donation, we are able to bring immediate results to the overall fund-raising appeal.

esd is committed to educate, support and inspire change in our community. As we help SAMMinistries mount a comprehensive, fresh communications campaign, esd understands that we’re doing more than serving the client, we’re helping people realize positive change in their lives, we’re helping our city take care of its own.

Join us in supporting SAMMinistries – text SAMM to 50555 – a donation of $10 will be added to your phone bill or deducted from your pre-paid balance. Thank you.

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