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The best place to put something everybody needs is a neutral location open 24/7: the Internet. The Gambrinus Company has used their distributor marketing website to store and provide everything from product codes to television ads. Over the years, it piled up to a substantial library.

But having everything in one place is not useful if you can’t find the one item you are looking for quickly and easily. When esd started to redesign the site, we aimed for a format that would give users representing the entire Gambrinus enterprise – distributors, retailers, vendors and employees – a system that delivers the desired product or information quickly and easily. We engineered an interface application that facilitates marketing across the enterprise.

earning an effective F

Usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen and Enquiro/Did-it published recent eye-tracking studies showing that users follow an “F” pattern when searching a webpage for information. The Gambrinus Brands site follows the pattern well, with brand identification across the top horizontal band, a powerful sort-and-filter index down the left column and a prominent display area in the middle. The site is designed to take full advantage of natural eye-tracking behavior. It’s effortless information delivery.

information to the brim

esd built the Gambrinus Brands website to sell beer. It offers:

  • current promotions – information sheets about special offers to distributors, retailers and consumers
  • product graphics for use in forms and advertising
  • current billboard, print, television and radio ads
  • order forms for vehicle graphics, neon repair and other marketing programs
  • point of sale (POS) merchandise – everything from neon signs to bar coasters, tap handles to marquee boards

Throughout the site, the user can sort and filter selections by using the search column on the left side of the screen. Depending on the section selected (Graphics, Advertising or POS), the user can sort by Type, Application, Product and/or Promotion. To find a specific item, the user can search by Keyword or Item Number.

Gambrinus Brands’ resources are provided to add value to the beer merchandising process. From light fixtures that flood billiard tables to display boards that carry the featured brew alongside the café’s special of the day, the products keep Shiner, or Bridgeport, Pete’s Wicked Ale or Trumer Pils at top of mind for the customer and an essential part of retail operations.

a clean, well-lighted site

The Gambrinus Brands site provides a similar value to distributors, an effective communications portal that provides them with the latest promotions, new brands and current advertising. They can fulfill marketing support participation directly on the site, such as printing ads and flyers on demand or ordering neon sign repair and vehicle graphics. accomplishes this organizational mastery in an effective, aesthetically-pleasing environment. The Gambrinus user recognizes an ambience conducive to beer sales, organized to make access and transactions easy for the user, and easy to fulfill.

take a tour

You can’t visit Gambrinus Brands – it’s restricted to registered users – but you can call us and we’ll provide more details.


Dr. Jakob Nielsen’s Eye-Tracking Study

Google Search’s Golden Triangle


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