google quality control gets serious

Search engine optimization is a complex content and tech process that’s meant to work in the user’s favor – although that’s not ALWAYS what happens. Google’s already gotten wise to marketers’ methods of manipulating their system and now they’re announcing that cutting corners on content value will no longer cut it.

the content value enforcers

Meet Panda and Penguin. No, these aren’t adorable Asian or Antarctic animals, but rather Google’s own web content policing programs. Google launched Panda first in early 2011, and then rolled out its follow-up program, Penguin, in mid-2012. With each new product rollout and systematically spaced Penguin update your site’s information gets reread and re-evaluated making it more important than ever evolve your site’s value proposition on an ongoing basis.

We’ve mentioned Google’s vendetta against websites that post duplicate content, overstuff their sites with links, and commit other SEO spam scams before, but fret not! Even if you’ve been on Google’s naughty list in the past, there’s no reason why you can’t clean up your act now.

overcome your own seo demons

Keeping on top of your website’s game is tough and requires constant vigilance. Don’t fall victim to secret keyword or link stuffing and website scraping. Follow a few of these social media and content pro tips and you’ll soon earn your place as a Google favorite.

  • Invite guest bloggers to add to your site – Maybe your company’s bloggers are burned out or maybe it would just help to have a fresh perspective. Either way, bringing in an outside writer for a piece or two will keep your site’s offerings original and fresh.
  • Use social media ads thoughtfully – Use promoted hashtags and Facebook ads thoughtfully, focusing on and directing inbound traffic your website’s freshest, most helpful pages. You can tailor this information throughout the year, switching up the focus to ensure an equal dispersion of attention across your entire website.
  • Be personable on Facebook – The more engaging users find your content, the more they’ll use and reuse it and interact with your online presence.
  • Be relevant on Twitter – Tweeters care about what’s trending, not what you just accomplished. Add to the conversation without shouting, “Me, me, me,” and make sure to use hashtags and give your followers the character space they need to retweet your best messages and web links. This builds traffic earned by merit, rather than traffic earned by tricks.
  • Pin and repin original content – Add Pinteresting visuals to your website, but remember to be original! Not only will this content be more likely to get shared, but it will give people an authentic reason to check out your website.
  • Connect on LinkedIn – Don’t let LinkedIn lag behind your other social media presences. Join group conversations, make connections, and start conversations about the original content on your website. Soon, both your connections and Google will be spreading the word.
  • Get active on Google+ – Since Google is the engine deciding who sees you and who doesn’t, it would help your visibility to get other Google Plusers reusing your content. Get involved on Google+ and let your page’s pluses push your rankings over the edge.

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