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This past January, Google announced its new Panda Refresh. This 24th version of Panda affected nearly 1.2 percent of all search queries in English. What does this new Panda Refresh mean for your company?

google sheds its skin

People, today, turn to the Internet first to find information on the latest products or services to fit their needs. Each new search algorithm update gives Google the opportunity to shed its skin and start anew, removing spammed websites to make room for non-spammed websites higher up on the search engine rankings. It is also designed to catch any of these spammed websites that were not removed during previous algorithm updates. If your company’s website is not updated regularly or doesn’t provides a welcoming and information-filled experience for any Internet user, the website will be replaced and fall lower in the search engine rankings.

how to survive a panda refresh

To keep your company’s website afloat in the sea of websites of the Internet today, it is important to step up your company’s online and SEO game and follow these four simple rules:

  1. Don’t see double. Having duplicate copy on your website is a big no-no. This is because Google will assume that a page that contains duplicate copy is spam or is of a lower quality. This, in turn, affects the entire website and will result in a loss in the website’s search engine ranking.
  2. Maintain first-rate material. A website that contains well-written, high-quality material will not only contribute to a better website visitor experience, but will also help boost its SEO rating. The material found on your company’s website should be easy to understand and provide the answers to the questions that millions of Internet users are actively searching for. As a result, more and more Internet users will be compelled to visit your company’s website and, thus, boosting its ranking on Google’s search results.
  3. Consider mobile friendly. Just as it is important on your company’s desktop website, SEO plays a significant role in mobile-friendly websites, such as those that implement responsive design. In fact, nearly 61 percent of Internet users will leave a website and return to their search results if the website they are viewing does not meet their needs for quick and easily to find information. Because of this, websites that are not mobile-friendly or that have a high bounce rate will, as a result, move down lower in the search engine rankings.
  4. Give your website a checkup.  Just like a consumer visiting the doctor, your company’s website deserves regular maintenance. Regularly maintaining and updating your company’s websites will not only keep your information up-to-date but also allow your company to adjust your website to meet the needs of your target audience.

seo’s significance

A company that is listed lower on a search engine receives less and less visitor traffic and, in turn, less business. By keeping SEO in mind while maintaining a website, companies are avoiding a drop in search engine rankings and seizing the opportunity to cultivate a strong online presence.

SEO is an important concept to not only understand, but also apply, as the shift toward digital marketing grows stronger. If it is applied and executed correctly, SEO  can boost a company’s search engine rankings, mobile and otherwise, and increase valuable ROI.

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