How to Repurpose Content Series, Part II: Blog Posts

This is the second of a five-part series on how to repurpose content to save time and increase exposure. Today, we’re going to explore how to repackage content that originates with a blog post. Check out our last post about how to repurpose Facebook content

Creating stand-alone content for every medium is time-consuming and exhausting. There’s no need to waste time generating separate ideas for dozens of different mediums. Using social content marketing to repackage this material across mediums increases your efficiency and multiplies your chances of earning exposure.
In today’s example, let’s say you have written a blog post about an exciting product update–it could be anything from a new version of a tangible good to a new class or a unique add-on service you’re now offering. We’re going to explore how you can leverage that blog post elsewhere to gain higher visibility, boost SEO, and decrease the time you spend generating content for social media and email marketing.

Once you’ve come up with a great blog post idea and hit publish, here are 12 ways to repurpose that post:
  1. Post a link to the blog post on your company Facebook page. Use a colorful photo or illustration and a concise description, and consider ending it with a question to encourage comments. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also post it on your personal Facebook page.
  2. Share the link on your Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages as well. You could start it with “We’re excited to announce” to capture attention and let people know you’re sharing something they’ll want to hear. Keep in mind the different audiences in each medium. For example, LinkedIn is geared toward educated professionals, whereas Twitter is more casual and people frequently use hashtags.
  3. Find relevant industry groups on LinkedIn and discover opportunities to share the news with a link back to your blog post. Make sure to find commenting opportunities where you will sound helpful rather than spammy.
  4. On a similar note, visit industry blogs and look for opportunities to leave relevant comments with links to the blog post. Again, try to refrain from sounding self-promotional. Instead, aim to educate and be helpful.
  5. If it’s possible to capture your new product/service in a photo or video, post a picture and/or video on Instagram. You could also post a video on Vine, and then Twitter via Vine. These tools allow you to capture and share short looping videos that can easily go viral. Instagram videos are 15 seconds, and Vine videos are 6 seconds.
  6. Additionally, you can create a video of 2-5 minutes on the topic and post it on YouTube. It can be digital only, showing screenshots and photos, or you can have someone narrating or commenting on the subject.
  7. If you prefer audio, create a podcast instead of a video. Interview some of the key players in your company to discuss why this change is exciting and what it means for the customers.
  8. When you send an email newsletter to your customers (current and prospective) about your product launch, include a link to the blog post with a short blurb and a compelling call-to-action link.
  9. Pin your blog post on your Pinterest page. The picture(s) you use in your post is the photo Pinterest will use by default, so select your image carefully. You also have the option of uploading your own photo when making the pin instead. Whatever you choose, make it eye-catching and use a brief and descriptive caption.
  10. If you want to repurpose content in an even more creative way, add the information from your blog post in a presentation-style format to Slideshare, a popular site where you can easily turn your content into digital presentations.
  11. Write a white paper about the new product update that contains more details than the blog post. This gives you space to expand on the details. You can add a download link to the white paper in the blog post, and the white paper can also contain a link to the blog post.
  12. If you think people will be excited to discuss your updates from the blog post, begin a Twitter chat using a unique hashtag or create a Google hangout.

While the list can go on, these are the most effective opportunities for repurposing blog posts across the web.

Written by Emily Crone
After being a writer and editor for several leading online publications the past eight years, Emily Crone is managing the social media, content strategy and copywriting efforts for national and Texas-based clients. Her writing portfolio includes,, and, as well as Texas Monthly and Tribeza magazines.

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