4 Reasons Why Your Tech Companies Need Content Marketing

With 86% of marketers using content to attract or engage customers and with 32% of marketers planning to increase their content marketing budget, there is no doubt that content marketing is on the rise. In this digital age, brands are realizing that a strategy shift is needed in order to take advantage of this new era in marketing.

So why should you, a technology company, create a strategy and set aside budget for content marketing? Consider these 4 reasons:


Content Marketing for Tech Companies1. Breaking Through the Clutter and Earn Loyal Brand Advocates

Content marketing has the uncanny ability to tell a story about your brand. More importantly, it is a story tailored to your audiences’ preferences and one that they chose to consume. Your content does not only have to revolve around product updates and news, but it can be as broad as publishing interesting pieces about your industry in general. People love interesting and relevant content, but they hate sales pitches disguised as interesting content. If you have a difficult time picturing the loyal advocates you can get from content marketing, check out these 11 powerful content marketing examples.

2. Increase Your Search Rankings

Content marketing expands your search engine presence beyond just your product pages. You are essentially creating content that your target audiences are interested in and are most likely to consume. This not only gives Google more keywords and pages to index, but it can also expand your set of keywords to include those that are popular among your target audience. With more indexable content and with a higher quality keywords, not only will you be getting more traffic, but you will also be getting the right kind of traffic.

3. Increase the SEO Value of Your Product Pages

Your product page is perhaps the most important part of your whole website. In a competitive marketing landscape characteristic of the tech industry, SEO optimizing your pages through keywords alone can be an impossible task. To rank well in competitive search terms, you will also need a linkbuilding strategy and to drive more traffic to your page. Content marketing lets you perform well in these two examples as it can not only provide relevant links pointing to your product page, but also direct readers to the page. For example, if one of your product’s benefit solves a common problem that your target audiences have, then you can write a blog post explaining this benefit and direct those readers to your product page. This strategy essentially adds valuable SEO “juice” to your product pages.

4. Generating High Quality Leads and Improving Conversion Rates

When your brand has been in the content marketing game for a while, you will begin to have loyal subscribers and readers of your content. You can also guarantee that a large percentage of these audiences are those that are extremely relevant and interested in your brand. Imagine if you were to publish a downloadable content in which you ask for their name and e-mail in exchange for it. With these audiences already familiar with your brands, the leads that you gather will already be so far into your sales funnel that not much extra effort is needed to close that sale, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Content marketing has benefits that traditional advertising cannot fulfill. For once, marketers can get really personal with their buyers as we engage and interact through our content. Join the 86% of marketers and don’t get left behind on this marketing revolution.

As always, if your tech company needs guidance on creating your very own content strategy, we are here to help.

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Written by Geoffrey Setiawan

Geoffrey Setiawan leads esd in the development of digital marketing strategies, execution, and measurement. He integrates various digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing to generate and nurture leads for clients across B2B and B2C sectors.

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