Should you be using Instagram to market your business?

It has the followers and hashtags of Twitter, the likes and comments of Facebook, but it can only be accessed from your mobile device. Instagram may be the social media marketing tool for future generations, but is it right for your company’s needs?

You may think that your target audience is too old for Instagram, but don’t forget that Facebook was only for college students not too long ago. Since Facebook purchased the quickly growing photo-sharing app in 2012 for $1 billion, it has grown 600 percent and has become the fastest-growing social media platform. Businesses such as General Electric, Starbucks, and Levi’s are all using Instagram to effectively brand their companies, connect to consumers, and increase visibility and awareness. Instagram can also be a great crisis tool, since images can often connect with people in a way written statements cannot.

Signs you should be using Instagram for your business:

Can your products and services be displayed in an interesting or appealing way?

Instagram is all about creativity, so show your followers what you do, but make it interesting. Take the time to set up a good photo, or film a quality video, before posting it to the feed. If you’re a retail store, find some more interesting pieces and think of a good caption. If you’re a weight-loss center, share photos of delicious and healthy meals or employees exercising. If something exciting happens around the office, take a moment to snap a photo, add a filter, and begin sharing!

Would you like to expand your marketing efforts outside the U.S.?

Approximately 65 percent of Instagram users are living outside the U.S. Like Twitter, using popular hashtags can increase visibility. It can be a great way to get your company name heard in other parts of the world.

Is your target audience age 30 and younger, or do you want to reach that age group?

If your current clientele is Generation Y, you need to be on Instagram. If you want to gain clientele for Generation Y, you need to be on Instagram. It’s not surprising that the millennial generation is the most represented on Instagram; this age bracket is often the first to latch onto new social media. Studies show that this generation prefers posting and viewing pictures to words and “statuses.” The way to connect with them is through images they enjoy, making Instagram the ideal outlet to use.

Do you want to share your company culture with those outside your office?

Instagram is a great way to display your company values and mission through images. It doesn’t have to be customers you’re trying to reach out to; potential new employees and employees’ friends or family may also be interested in what your business is all about. Any event your staff does outside the office makes the company more relatable and likeable, even an interestingly decorated desk can make a great Instagram post. Any pictures to show what your company is about; shared hobbies, fun traditions, or company parties can all help market your business for the better.

Do you think Instagram is a good tool for your company, but are not sure how to get started? Instagram has provided some helpful tips on their website, or get with the social media experts at esd & associates to help get your Instagram and other social media platforms perform to maximum potential.


Written By Andrea Albert

Andrea Albert is a student at University of Texas at San Antonio where she is involved in Student Government Association and Public Relations Student Society of America. She is currently interning with esd & associates Communications team before returning to UTSA for her final semester.

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