Growing Your Business Through Pinterest Advertising

Social Media has made business marketing accessible, fast and ‘in-the-moment’. Businesses across the nation are recognizing the potential that these resources can provide their companies at a world wide level. One social media platform that is often not taken into consideration when companies devise a targeted marketing plan is Pinterest.

Pinterest allows consumers to share ideas, products and services. In the past (and currently), companies were able to insert themselves into the consumer conversation by developing boards and pins that were visually appealing in hopes of re-pins and likes. While necessary for many companies, especially those whose products or offerings are very visual, this did not allow for measurable results. This is where Pinterest advertising comes into play.

Pinterest’s advertising product is only a few months old, however it’s lack of maturity has not affected its robustness. With features similar to Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest recently disclosed plans to change their privacy policy in preparation for their new advertising features that will go live next month.

Comparable to Facebook’s Custom Audience tool, Pinterest’s customer database will allow advertisers to upload a list of collected email addresses or phone numbers of its customers. These uploaded contacts will then be matched to create an alternative list of contacts that Pinterest deems to be similar.

In 2013 the average monthly reach of Pinterest was two and a half times higher than Facebook. Today, Pinterest houses more than 30 billion pins that are accessible through more than 750 million boards. All these include hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. Pinterest is available in more than 31 languages, and refers more traffic than Twitter and other popular social sites.

Pinterest is also working to launch a conversion-tracking tool, allowing advertisers to track their advertising efforts down to a granular level. With the conversion-tracking tool, advertisers will be able to drop a pixel, or tracking tool, on their site and track the action of products browsed or purchased. Advertisers can then link that pixel back to what promoted pin was shown to that specific customer.

These “pixels” will show advertisers the performance level of their Promoted Pins, as well as aid them in testing what promoted pins lead to browsing versus purchasing.

How can you make this work for your business?

I’ll first assume that your company is a good candidate for using Pinterest as an effective social media platform, as not all are. Check out this blog if you are unsure. Second, you’ll want to spend the time to devise a strategy for your Pinterest advertising just as you would for Facebook or Twitter. A strategy should include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Testable Ads and/or Promoted Pins: Create versions of your ads so you can test which ones perform better. The difference should be small, for example a different sub headline, or the same text with different imagery. This will allow you to do A/B testing just as     you would with a Facebook campaign
  • A Budget: This is fairly self-explanatory, but be sure to set a realistic budget based on expected results
  • A Clear Goal: Setting a clear goal, or set of objectives is necessary in measuring results. Define what it is your company is looking to gain from this strategy.
  • Finally: Appealing visuals. While visuals are always important no matter what the platform, step up the creative game for your Pinterest advertising plan. Show people the uniqueness of your brand, something they haven’t seen before.

With these tools and the expertise of esd & associates, we can grow your business using Pinterest advertising. Our group of experts can help expand your reach to new customers and retain loyal clientele. Growth in social media is a great opportunity for your business and with Pinterest advertising you can reach higher levels of consumer interactions. Not sure where to start? Email or call us: we’re here to get your company results.

Written By: Mageida Sopon

Mageida Sopon is an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and is currently a Communications team intern with esd.  She is pursuing a degree in public relations and has contributed to  agency efforts in social media, media relations and event planning.

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