Using Facebook Ads to Increase Your Audience

Do you find that your Facebook audience isn’t growing how it once was or has become stagnant? It might be a good time to look into Facebook ads to increase your reach and hopefully attract the right audience to your page. We recently blogged about using Facebook to increase your event registrations, but you can also use Facebook ads to grow your audience too!

This has forced many businesses to turn to Facebook advertising to continue growing their audience and increase their engagement. Facebook ads can be a great way to solidify your online presence when done the right way.

Promote Your Page to the Right Audiences

Use the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page. Doing this allows you to target your page promotion ads to the specific audiences you want to convert to Facebook fans.  Facebook has powerful audience targeting options and allows you to target based on interests, behaviors (online purchases), job titles and many other options.


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You also have the option to use the Ads Manager tool to promote updates from your page and links to your website to target audiences. These ads will appear with a Like button that people who don’t like your page can click on to like your page.

Constantly Test Your Content

In the social media marketing realm, it’s important to test everything you advertise. Change out your messaging, ad copy, images and calls-to-action to see what appeals to fans. As a starting point to creating ads, you can boost your organic posts and see how they perform over time.

Boosting your posts will give them a “turbo charge” and send your message to target audiences or to people who like your page and their friends. This is also a good indicator to see if your content will be successful on a large scale.

Target People Who Visit Your Website

If your website gets a lot of traffic, this is a great option for you. Through website custom audiences, Facebook allows you to target users who have previously visited your website. Using a custom audiences pixel placed on every page of your website, Facebook allows you to track the number of unique users to your site and target your ads to those individuals. This is a great short term ad because it allows you to reach users who visited your website that day.


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People are more inclined to like your page if they visit your website and see your ad in the same day. You can allow your website custom audiences to run for only one day and up to 180 days. The shorter the duration of the ad, the more relevant it is to your website visitors.

This is a great way for businesses who get a lot of website traffic in a given day to grow their social audience quickly. If your site does not get as much traffic, then you’ll want to expand the duration of your website custom audiences.

Putting It Into Perspective

Looking to grow your social media presence? Our team at esd & associates can help you capture the right audience, convert prospects and increase your sales. Check out some examples from our clients and see how we can help your business with Facebook advertising.


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Written by John Garcia

John Garcia is a Digital Marketing Specialist with the Communications team at esd & associates, specializing in social media management and advertising. With a degree in Public Relations from the University of Texas at San Antonio, he assists with the digital marketing efforts, event planning and social media promotions. 

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