Running a marathon starts with a single step

San Antonio – Legend has it that the marathon began in 490 B.C., when Greek soldier Pheidippides ran from a battlefield near Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a Greek victory over the Persians.


He then promptly collapsed and died.


Thousands of years later, San Antonio runners of all skill levels will participate in their own 26.2 mile runs this weekend at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon.


“While novice runners may see that 26.2 miles as daunting, almost anyone with a base level of fitness can complete a marathon,” said Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP) Dr. Bob Wilson. “All it takes is the proper training and desire.”


Dr. Wilson knows that training well. In addition to being a board-certified emergency room physician, Dr. Wilson has completed more than 60 marathons – even running 50 miles on his 50th birthday! He says each of the 500,000 runners who finish marathons each year began the journey the same way.


“It starts with a single step,” Dr. Wilson said. “Novice runners can start out walking and ease into their runs as they feel comfortable. As long as they stay hydrated and listen to their bodies, they should be fine.”


While the specter of dropping dead at the end of a marathon is a persistent one, Dr. Wilson believes the pros of marathon running far outweigh the risks. “From lower blood pressure to weight loss and reduced risk of diabetes, the health benefits of marathon training are numerous,” he said. “The most common injuries are foot and knee strain from overuse, and there are ways to minimize those through proper training and equipment.”

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Dr. Wilson talking marathon safety tips with Jeff Roper on KSAT’s SA Live

Dr. Wilson is available to showcase his marathon running tips. To schedule an interview with Dr. Wilson, contact JT Street via email at or by phone at 210-348-8008.


About GSEP 

When it was founded in 1980, Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians was the first all board-certified emergency physicians group in the state of Texas. This year, the group will care for more than 200,000 patients at multiple facilities throughout the San Antonio area. GSEP is dedicated to providing the best medical care possible to those patients, and ensuring that patients are properly informed about their medical options.

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