Staying healthy while at work

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Office stress is never fun, especially when you have tight deadlines and meetings. Here’s how to give your office space a healthy transformation in 2018:


Set reminders — Placing sticky notes on your desktop or setting your phone to alert you to get up to walk around the office is key to making sure you’re not sitting for too long. Individuals who work at desks should walk around and stand for at least two hours during the day.”Moving around throughout your workday is really important,” says Robert Graham, MD, Director of Integrative Health and Wellness for Northwell Health System in a 2015 study.Clear the air and your mind for a few minutes. Get to a stopping point on your project and step outside. Doing this will help you refocus and concentrate without tension and frustration.


Drink more water — We all have heard the advice to drink more water. Water awakens your senses by increasing your energy and relieving fatigue. Water can not only help put you in a good mood, but it also makes you get up from you desk and walk to refill your bottle. According to Women’s Health, you might even loose a few pounds, too!


Show me the light — If your office has great natural light, try to make sure you get exposure to Vitamin D by opening the blinds and enjoying the sunlight. There is new research that shows sunlight can lead to higher productivity and can boost your mood. Some known benefits of Vitamin D from the sun are that it can help reduce depression, fight disease, and promote weight loss.


Boost your creativity — Adding a plant can be a great way to inspire creativity and a feeling of wellness. A small leafy desk plant or even a larger office plant in the corner is beneficial. Stay clear of anything distracting or potentially harmful like a cactus.


Stop eating at your desk  —The workday can get busy and doesn’t always allow for you to step out of the office to grab a quick bite to eat. Nowadays, there are several food delivery services that can bring your lunch to you, and while this is a great service, physically eating at your desk is not. If your office has a break room or kitchen, eat there, preferably with others, and stand if you have to! This helps your brain recharge for afternoon productivity and prevents you from overeating.

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