Social Media Influencers: The key to reaching Millennials and Gen Z


Those growing up during the technical revolution have always had the entire world at their fingertips. This immediate access has diminished their attention spans and patience causing them to be one of the most difficult demographics to reach. If you fail to capture their attention in the first three seconds, you’ve lost them. 

This age group thrives on individuality. The highest achievement they strive for is to find their own voice. This is where social media plays a major role. They can express themselves freely and see how other people have established themselves. 

A social media influencer can be described as a user with credibility in a certain subject who has a mass amount of followers. Influencers have become a major tool to reaching the younger, more tech-savvy generations for a few reasons. 


Experience gives the most credibility. Influencers that have a history with a product are more likely to consistently sell the product than someone else. 


Genuine authenticity is extremely important. Most people can sense when they are being sold something. More successful influencers give very honest opinions on the products they feature.

Being Yourself

Social media gives the public a way to see users as individuals. Millennials want to follow people like themselves. This is why stories have become increasingly popular. Since these everyday people can have such influence on the world, younger generations are given hope they can also have that kind of impact.

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