Social Media Best Practices

Social media management can be difficult. Developing the right content and sharing it on the right platforms can be tasking as well. Here are a few tips for social media best practices:


Share Relevant Information

When putting together your content, be sure to as yourself “is this relevant to who will be seeing my posts?” Many times we focus too much on our business and accomplishments, and leave out the viewer from our brand story. Try posting images or posts that you have been tagged in, or User Generated Content (USG) along with your usual content.


Respond To Comments

When a user comments or shares their experience on your page or in a post, positive or negative, be sure to respond. While this can be tricky, responses can help customers who were not satisfied with the service find resolution. A simple “thank you!” in regards to positive reviews and comments goes a long way as well, making the user feel acknowledged and builds the customer relationship.


Avoid Over-Posting

You may have heard that “you need to post every day to stay relevant in social media.” While you certainly can post everyday, you run the risk of over-posting which makes users feel like your content is spam. Be intentional about what you are posting and why, and never post “just to post.” Even in the world of social media, users can feel when you are being authentic and when you are not.


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Meet our new Social Media Strategist! Paloma has a knowledgable background in Social Media, PR, and Communications. Her passion for Digital Marketing is what sets her above the rest when it comes to all things involving creative content. She enjoys going hiking, practicing her calligraphy, and spending time with her two adorable dachshunds. We are thrilled to have her on the team! #GetToKnowESD
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20,000 passengers have tried VIA Link, a "smart transit" option that provides shorter waits and faster connections with app-based booking and rides tracking within the VIA Link service area.
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Happy Birthday to our Web Developer, Aaron! We're so happy to celebrate you today.
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Meet Our Intern Tristen! "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at esd. The esd team truly exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would be like as an intern. I was challenged, taught, and encouraged. I am thankful for the people who helped me start my growth as a business professional and am excited to continue learning and gaining experience in the marketing industry. With graduation in the near future, I hope to find a marketing position with a company that advocates for saving marine life, while continuing my education with a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Mississippi :)"
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Meet Our Intern Madison! "As an intern at esd I was welcomed with my first real office work environment. I was able to use what I have learned in my courses at school and put them into real world projects. Networking, filming and editing for our big name clients has really helped me fill out my film reel and resume. Using new equipment and software outside the classroom has been a real perk of this internship. I have been taken in by all parts of the esd team, helping across all departments for projects, and learning things from everyone and their jobs at esd. Gaining as much knowledge and more skills to make me more well versed in my field. After college, I am looking forward to working on more video productions for film in Austin and making a name for myself as a director."

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