Long Live The Business Card

I was looking in my wallet, as I’m sure you have at one time or another, and wondered, “Why am I carrying all these business cards?” or “Do I even need them?” This got me starting about their purpose in today’s digital age.


Although not a necessary commodity to have anymore, business cards still have their place in modern business. They serve as an extension of your brand or to ensure you make the right impression with potential customers.


In any case, they are a creative collateral piece that can make all the difference in expanding your clientele. However, in order to stand out, business cards should have unique qualities while providing the appropriate contact information. For example, some creative ideas have included cards in the shape of a puzzle piece or a camera (in metal!), a transparent plastic card, and even one with a thumb drive attached.


Keep in mind—many of these “outside of the box” ideas come with a price tag. Of course, when the cost per piece is dollars, not cents, you may want to be more discerning when handing them out. A good rule to follow is only share a business card when the recipient also has one to share.


You can also find more cost efficient designs that will ensure you have a business card to share whenever and wherever. Among options cardstock and add your own personal touch by showing off your photography or graphic design skills with icons and logos.


Having a business card can be a creative way to set yourself or your business apart and make a memorable impression. Your business card is an emblem of your brand, but also represents the quality and skills expected from your work.


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