Spring into a fresh new targeted Social Media Campaign

Spring is finally here! That means Easter egg hunts and tons of opportunities to create a Spring marketing campaign. According to the National Retail Federation, during this time of year, U.S consumers spend more than $16.4 billion on candy, apparel, and even food. The conversation about spring is a buzz that many businesses are joining in on.


Everyone’s enjoying a well deserved extended weekend. That means consumers will likely be more engaged than normal on social media. If you haven’t considered a Spring campaign, you may want to revisit your editorial calendar. Even if you don’t know where to start, there are many ideas to consider when you’re seeking to attract your audience. Here are a few ideas that will help you create a successful Spring campaign:


Include Easter spirit in your content

Create seasonally themed content. Many brands take full advantage of this idea. For example, brands will integrate a spring concept in their commercials and graphics. Take Macy’s for example; with apparel being a seller during this holiday season, Macy’s showcases their best Spring outfits for every member of the family.


Consider Spring Savings and Special Offers

Consumers love savings! Consider offering a contest, spring deal or discount. However, get creative with this concept. Create an engaging concept that will involve your audience. Hosting an in-store or virtual Easter egg hunt is one way to do it. Disney stores have been successful with this concept; involving children and their parents creates an opportunity to win something and allows for families to spend time together.


Utilize Hashtag Engagement

Hashtags are used on a variety of platforms. Using a hashtag involves not only your audience but everyone else as well. The right hashtags present the most opportune way of getting traffic, engagement, and likes. Some of the most popular Spring hashtags include; #SpringIsHere or #SpringMood, but you can get creative using hashtags that include your business tagline or slogan.


Need help in developing the best marketing campaign for your brand? esd marketing can help you create an eggcellent campaign this spring. Contact us today!

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