Ping-Jung“Judy” Tsai

Judy Tsai is the Vice President of Interactive Development for esd and associates. Judy joined the esd team in 2007 and became the VP of Interactive Development in 2011. She oversees all aspects of esd’s software systems, server operations, app and website development, and data mining and analysis. She leads the entire agency web , constantly pushing the envelope and seeking sleeker, more advanced ways of manipulating technology. She builds large and complex interactive products that deliver the ease, usability and functionality of a simple web interface.

Judy has mastered information technology at the international level. Serving as an independent IT consultant for the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, she led the development of key online educational tools to maximize student performance. As the Lead Business & Research Analyst at the Center for e-Manufacturing and e-Commerce – a national research institution in Taiwan – she led the development and analysis of complex web-based courseware, launched and promoted the E-Commerce Program in National Chung Cheng University, and developed million-dollar Enterprise Resource Planning Systems for B2B companies. Her efforts with this national agency elevated Taiwan’s international educational outreach and revenues by several millions of dollars.

Judy immigrated to the United States in the early 2000s to extend her IT knowledge and practicum with a Masters of Science Degree in Management Information Systems. Her first stateside position allowed her to coordinate multi-million dollar contracts with the U.S. Navy as the project’s Chief of Science. In this role, Judy supervised the 18-month development of thousands of computer-based aircraft training courses used to train U.S. Navy pilots.

Judy is a true polyglot, speaking Mandarin, English, and Japanese and adeptly coding in more than a dozen Internet and computer scripting languages. A veritable systems database herself, Judy constantly innovates more efficient web development systems and processes to help the entire web team remain on task and push the envelope. She personally conducts quality and compliance checks on all web and interactive products that esd produces, ensuring that each and every website, app and mobile site meets or exceeds web standard best practices.

When Judy is not hard at work at esd, which is rare, she puts her creativity into cooking where she blends her Taiwanese and American influences into delicious, healthy meals. She also is a travel bug, touring the country and the Texas Hill Country with her husband Corey. Or she might be nestled at home watching Japanese dramas with her cat, Hiro.