Mister Sparky San Antonio: Sparking Local Business

Business Challenge

Mister Sparky San Antonio lacked online presence and needed a website that would differentiate themselves and their services from other electricians in San Antonio area while still staying true to the franchise branding and messaging.


Esd utilized the Mister Sparky franchise branding to create a location-specific website, that not only differentiated Mister Sparky San Antonio from the competition, but also promoted the franchise’s values and standards of customer service. The use-friendly and mobile-compatible website design streamlined delivering key information to potential customers researching the business as well as making online appointments with Mister Sparky San Antonio.

By utilizing blogs, esd still continues to promote Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help users find Mister Sparky San Antonio with ease while branding the business as expert electricians in the San Antonio area.




Website Development

Mobile Website Development


  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Optimal SEO positioning