Refreshing the Path for REALTOR® Academy Students


The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® (SABOR) Real Estate School website had a lack of engagement with current and prospective students, as well as a user-friendly website providing access to programs with mobile-responsiveness. In addition, the school’s current branding was not focused on the students and education.


esd refreshed the Real Estate School at SABOR brand to REALTOR® Academy to allow the school to be branded as its own entity. The website was designed to provide a user-friendly experience to members, students, and visitors alike with the now mobile-friendly capabilities.

Along with online registration, esd integrated new features to enhance the personalization and student-centric web design such as a monthly calender view for classes, a student testimonial section for REALTOR® Academy’s website, online chat functions to help students get the information they needed, and a personal schedule view for users to keep track of their REALTOR® Academy courses. esd also developed a personalized section on the website to guide current and prospective students based on their desired real estate path, including the recommended classes and progress from courses completed.


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  • $79,629 revenue generated on website
  • 949 items added to cart
  • Website traffic increased by 100%