San Antonio Sauce Goes Statewide

Business Challenge

Chilito’s Express is a Latin fusion food truck and brand that started its humble beginnings in San Antonio, Texas. Chilito’s Express’ secret family sauce recipe – Kika’s Sauce – was about to launch its products in 200+ H-E-Bs across Texas, but had little brand recognition outside the San Antonio area. While the San Antonio area fan base was strong, there was little engagement with the brand’s online presence due to inconsistent messaging and lack of social media strategy.


Esd developed a social media strategy to unify the brand message, generate awareness of the product, and promoting follower engagement. The esd team created ads targeting areas of product availability to increase brand awareness and linked to a tool where users could find the product nearest to them. The use of Facebook Lives also generated engagement with existing and new followers, resulting in over 8,500 video views.


Food and Beverage


Social Media Marketing


  • Generated over 950,000 social media impressions
  • 10% increase in Instagram engagement rate
  • Over 8,500 live video views