Sendero Health Plans: Creating Marketing to Build Buyer Engagement

Business Situation

Sendero Health Plans came to esd as a new player in the health insurance arena, requiring a comprehensive marketing package to build brand awareness, improve buyer engagement, create customer interaction, and ultimately increase enrollment. Developing a face to a brand in a highly regulated industry necessitated a variety of tactics, including SME pitches, event outreach, press conferences, web development, social media, and yearly promotions. The major challenges esd identified:

  • Needed a full-scale advertisement campaign, both on and offline
  • Had no clear analytics or social media strategy
  • Lacked an enrollment generation effort
  • Required brand awareness and buyer engagement


Health insurance is complicated, but esd made health insurance easy to understand. After conducting qualitative research and buyer persona studies, esd created a full-scale marketing strategy, orienting the interactive consumer experience around the plan and streamlining the steps necessary to generate customer enrollment. We created promotional materials at all levels of media to spread the word to the target audience. We interacted with markets online and offline, and we identified market demographics that told us who may benefit the most from Sendero Health Plans.

Our promotional materials took dense subject matter and made it simple to grasp. We created a directory system that made it easy for consumers to access vital data. By streamlining important information, customers could cut right to the point of enrollment. esd also created ad, print, and publicity campaigns that mirrored this easy access to important information. Our interactive campaigns made an impact on existing customers while generating new ones. By integrating SEO tracking, we were able to show Sendero what marketing tactics were creating results because we:

  • Branded the organization in a consumer friendly way
  • Distributed materials for customer interaction
  • Identified key market segments
  • Constructed a plan for publicity success
  • Generated media buzz through PR pitches


Health Care







Social Media


  • 26 percent increase in enrollment
  • 42 percent growth in total followers
  • 860 percent increase in engagement
  • 934 percent growth in website visits
  • 719 percent increase in lead generation