esd UNDERSTANDS both sides of the PR game

esd PR is lead by a management team with more than 40+ years in the media field. We know what it takes to craft stories, uncover opportunities and pitch strategically to reporters and stakeholders to get outstanding coverage, at a fraction of the cost.

esd CREATES hip PR for modern day consumers

Lately, there’s been a shift in PR. Just knowing how to write a catchy press release no longer cuts it when it comes to gaining real success and brand traction. A truly modern PR machine must be full-service. They must know and understand content development, strategy creation, creative development, digital marketing, SEO, SEM and social media to truly impact a community and generate lasting ROI. esd and associates PR team offers your company these skills and much more.

Get in their faces, on their screens and on their brains with full-service public relations that stands out at every turn.

esd GETS your needs

Whether you need coaching, event planning or a full-scale public relations campaign, esd has the skills, team, coaching and tools to drive your initiative to success. We offer:

  • Public relations strategy development
  • News media relations
  • News coverage
  • Social media video
  • Press conference management
  • Press kit development
  • Publicity event planning
  • Publicity report analysis
  • Group or individual media training
  • Real reporter advice & feedback
  • Interview etiquette
  • Follow-up etiquette
  • Brand ambassador guidebook development
  • Interview simulations
  • Community outreach
  • Crisis communications
  • Media training
  • Holistic marketing strategies
  • Media outreach
  • Social media trend monitoring & management


esd WORKS fast

We’re fast. We’re responsive. We act quickly and think even quicker. Our team is on the ball 24/7 looking for opportunities to expand your brand’s reach and visibility. We use the top media search engines and journalist connection software. We have the manpower and the drive to beat tight deadlines and achieve unheard of publicity landmarks. Don’t miss another opportunity again because of inadequate resources or an unskilled team. Choose esd, and choose PR with real results.

esd REPRESENTS your brand

At esd, we immerse ourselves in your brand and become your ultimate brand ambassadors. We have the right processes to take your public relations from a small idea, to a full-fledged endeavor. It all begins with the Exploration – digging in to discover what you offer, what your voice contributes, what audiences will benefit from hearing your voice and what outlets will collaborate with our team for promotion. Next comes the Planning – lining up all the facts, collateral, minutia and power players. Finally, we have the full public relations Realization – that magical moment when it all comes together to form a memorable, valuable story or experience that strengthens your brand across all the right audiences and avenues.