esd connects you with your community of customers and partners

The best form of advertising? Word of mouth. And now, the word spreads at the speed of light, carried by microwaves bouncing off satellites, showing up in Twitter, on Facebook, on Youtube, on MySpace, in texts and emails. Sometimes, a message can go “viral” and hit millions of people all over the world.

esd knows there’s a more important use of the fluid, influential channel known as “social networking,” and the key is as old as human behavior itself. esd uses social networking to build and maintain communities for our client-partners. You may not need to reach people in Singapore, Moscow and Johannesburg (if you do, we can get you there). But you do need to reach that customer you haven’t seen for a few weeks. You need to hear from your influential partner companies.

The same principles that establish your brand and communicate other media apply — effective, well-researched messages that appeal to a defined market. That’s what esd does for our clients, and we do it effectively in social networking as well.

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